Society for Socialist Studies

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Society for Socialist Studies (SSS)
Conference dates: 
Sunday, May 30, 2021 to Friday, June 4, 2021
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Socialist Solidarities in Times of Crisis  


At their most politically effective, socialist solidarities are plural, articulating Black Marxisms, Indigenous anti-capitalisms, feminist, eco and queer socialisms and more, in struggles for more just and ecologically sustainable relationships. These solidarities are vitally necessary  in the unequal times in which we live, a long moment of rising far-right populisms, class inequalities and racial injustice.


Socialist Studies invites contributions analysing our radically unequal present, as well as socialisms and liberation struggles by Indigenous peoples, Black and other racialized communities, women, migrants, undocumented workers, LGBTQ+ and the crip/disability movements -- movements that more necessary than ever before.  

The Society for Socialist Studies invites contributions concerning: -socialism and solidarities -ecological crisis and climate change -carceral capitalism, border imperialisms, neoliberal urbanization -capitalism during the pandemic -class struggles against inequities, exploitation and oppression, right-wing populisms, white supremacy and all racisms -feminist socialisms, Black Marxisms, Indigenous anti-capitalisms, queer socialisms, -1492 Land Back Lane, Black Lives Matter, Wet'suwet'en solidarity, No Pride in Policing Coalition -and other explorations of socialist solidarities and liberation struggles in a time of crisis.
Call-for-papers deadline: 
January 31, 2021
Program Chairs: 

Elaine Cockburn, Glendon College, York University

Local Arrangement Coordinators: 

Sandra Rein, University of Alberta


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