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Intersections in Arts


Friday, May 28, 2021

09:00 - 10:00
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University of Alberta , Accessible event , Intersections of Congress
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Intersections in Arts provides a broad, interdisciplinary framework to bring researchers together to allow voices, conversations, exhibits, and performances to resonate through a flexible format while attracting a wide-ranging audience. The Black Lives Matter movement, the necessity of making good relations, and the COVID-19 pandemic are raising urgent calls for tackling social inequities, injustices, and violences that our work aims to address, thereby also connecting with the Congress 2021 theme, “Northern Relations,” as well as the focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization undertaken by the Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities. This space presents cross-disciplinary dialogues focused, in various ways, on material conditions of culture while pointing to intersecting conditions of race, gender and identity. Leadership teams from the Signature Research Areas in the Faculty of Arts were invited to propose a project or activity notable to their networks. The two projects are:

Materialities and Meaning of Past, Present and Future

How is the past constructed by different social groups and how are these social categories distinguished and interconnected?  How has this changed over time? Bringing together human ecologists, anthropologists, art historians, and archaeologists working at the University of Alberta, this exhibit focuses on deconstructing these questions. It provides examples from material culture studies that address changing perspectives on the intersections of gender, identity, race and ethnicity, the language of power and the study of under-represented groups. A second focus is human biological and cultural diversity and how this diversity is expressed and perceived by members of different cultures or communities. This exhibition is sponsored by the Faculty of Arts Signature Research Area, The Future of the Past, under the direction of Pamela Willoughby and Margriet Haagsma.

Language, Body, and AI (Language, Communication, and Culture and A14 Society Signature Areas)

This collaborative project (presented by Xiaoting Li, Elena Nicoladis, and Li Cheng from Computer Engineering), a recent recipient of the Canada Fund for Innovation, examines how Chinese and English speakers use language and body to conduct interaction on the move from a cross-cultural, intersectional perspective. It identifies behavioral patterns of speakers from the two cultures and creates 3D models of the bodily motions of participants using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This Language, Communication and Culture Signature Area-led project intersects with the University AI4 Society Signature Area, of which Li Cheng and Xiaoting Li are also members.