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What if you could connect with leading community partners, discover remarkable literary works, and network with the best and brightest scholarly minds from across the country and beyond, all at one remarkable event? It’s all possible at the Congress Expo, at the 90th annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences! Join over 8,000 attendees and visit over 50 exhibitor booths. 

Congress Expo will be a hub of activity, with a dynamic event space hosting thought-provoking discussions, career presentations, book launches and book signings. Visit the Calendar of Events for more details.

Whether you are attending your association’s conference or are a member of the general public registering with a community pass, all attendees have access to the Congress Expo, free of charge. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your social network, add some books to your home library and purchase a Congress souvenir.

Expo hours

The Expo hall will have a unique access point within the virtual event platform and can be accessed by all registered attendees 24/7 from May 27 to June 4 – the duration of Congress – and extended access for 30 days post-Congress.

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Exhibitors 2021

Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences 


Athabasca University Press  


Book*hug Press


Broadview Press 


Cambridge University Press 


Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta


Canadian Scholars & Women's Press


Concordia University 


Concordia University Press


Fernwood Publishing 


Government of Canada


Literary Press Group 


Memorial University Press 


Moving Images Distribution 


National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education 


Research Impact Canada 




University of Alberta Press 


University of British Columbia Press 


University of Calgary Press 


University of Manitoba Press 


University of Ottawa Press 


University of Regina Press


University of Toronto Press 


University of Toronto Press Journals 


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Expo Passport contest

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