Info for Presenters

Info for Presenters

Are you presenting at Congress 2021? Congratulations on being accepted to share your research at Canada’s largest gathering of scholars! You’re in good company - over 70% of Congress 2019 survey respondents identified as being a presenter. 

Whether you are a speaker, panelist, session chair or a presenter at one of the 47 different association conferences taking place as part of Congress 2021, here are some handy tips to get you started.


As a presenter, you are required to register for Congress. You will need to add both the Congress fee and the applicable association conference fees to your registration. Register here.

Many associations require that presenters also be members in good standing. Please contact your association directly to pay your membership fees (which are not included in the Congress fees), and to verify your member status, if necessary.

Prepare for your presentation

These are general instructions for all presenters. Please contact your association directly to verify details about what to expect for a specific association’s conference.

Technology & virtual room set up

You are responsible for your own local set-up for your Congress presentation. Below are a few tips and tricks that will support you in giving a successful presentation! More resources on having a successful presentation will be available soon in the virtual experience tab.

  • Use a  desktop or laptop, ideally with a dual screen set-up. This will allow you to share your screen, have speaking notes visible and allow you to check in with your audience. Whether digital, printed or written, please ensure that you keep your speaking notes in front of you so that you remain facing the camera.
  • Ensure tabs and windows that are not required for your presentation are closed on your device. These can be distracting for you and for attendees (e.g., flashing notifications or alert tones).
  • Choose a quiet and bright location for your presentation. Select a neutral background so attendees can focus on you. Avoid the use of virtual backgrounds as much as possible, as they can eat up your bandwidth and are distracting.
  • Consider using a headset or headphones, as they prevent acoustic feedback and allow you to filter out disturbances. Be sure to position yourself in front of your mic!
  • Join the video call at least 15 minutes in advance to test your tech and make any audio and video adjustments with the event technician or room monitor.
  • We strongly recommend that you check out your audio and video in advance. You can use this site in advance of your presentation:
  • We highly recommend utilizing a hard-wired Ethernet connection if possible, to ensure consistent stability of your internet connection during your presentation. If you don’t have a fixed connection, position yourself as close to the modem as possible.
  • Be sure to have the call-in telephone number for your virtual conference session handy in the event of technical difficulties. It will save you time and allow you to jump right back into the presentation via phone.
  • Have no fear; you are not alone in this virtual session. You will have a team supporting you including an event technician and/or room monitor, as well as a session chair/moderator. 

Accessibility - presenting for all audiences 

Please read the document Accessible Presentations for tips on improving the accessibility of your public talks for all audiences.

What to wear

Dress up, but keep it comfortable. Remember, it’s what’s above the desk that counts!


Association conference programs are posted on the Congress website for public viewing. If you have security concerns with this information being made available to the public, please advise your association so that they can discuss your concerns with the Congress team. The Federation and the University of Alberta work together to ensure the safety of all attendees and participants involved with Congress, and have a robust process in place to manage such concerns. 

Please note that unless otherwise indicated by your association, all sessions will be recorded for upload to the platform following the presentation, and for security purposes.