See what we will be talking about at Congress 2021: The Congress team at the University of Alberta asked some of their scholars what their hopes are for Congress. See what they had to say:

Building upon its strong ties with Northern communities and peoples, and a commitment to reciprocal and respectful relations, the University of Alberta chose “Northern Relations” as the theme for Congress 2021.

Crystal Fraser is a Professor of History and Classics at the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta. Dr. Fraser’s ground-breaking work has focused on student experiences at residential schools in the Inuvik Region. Crystal Fraser is Gwichyà Gwich'in from Inuvik and Dachan Choo Gę̀hnjik in the Northwest Territories. 

Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta, and a celebrated author of fiction and poetry. His research focuses on gender roles in Nigerian fiction. 

Shirley Anne Tate is the CRC in Feminism and Intersectionality, and teaches sociology at the University of Alberta. Her feminist approach to the critical analysis of race, power, and dispossession examines institutions, individuals, and social life across the Black diaspora.

Danielle Peers’ research builds on expertise as a Paralympic athlete, disability sport coach, inclusive recreation practitioner, social justice activist, and dance and video artist. Danielle's work in each of these areas often overlaps, with art-based and research-creation methodologies.

Dr. Norma Dunning is an award-winning author, scholar, and educator based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her creative work includes short stories and poetry that draw on the experiences of Inuit people living in the south. 

From language revitalization and land-based learning, to culturally-driven building design and community-led monitoring of climate change, the University of Alberta has a rich history of research and relationships across the North. From her home base in Whitehorse, Yukon, Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow, Director of UAlberta North and Professor, Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta, provides an overview of University of Alberta social sciences and humanities research in the North.

Dr. Chris Andersen’s research focuses on legal, statistical, and cultural definitions of Indigenous, particularly Métis, identity. 

Dr. Kisha Supernant’s research explores Indigenous histories and heritage, including her own as a Métis woman. She is the Director of the Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology (IPIA) and Co-Director of Situated Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples and Place, a University of Alberta Signature Area.